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EDK Environmental Design Philosophy
Commercial Landscape Design
EDK was formed in response to increasing public awareness that our environment is intricately linked with all of the various activities associated with growth.   The firm name itself emphasizes the firm’s commitment to providing environmentally sound designs for a variety of project types.   EDK offers complete “in-house” services for landscape architecture, site planning, master planning, golf course design, and a wide range of miscellaneous services including wetland mitigation and historic preservation.
EDK, as a landscape architectural firm, is concerned with the design of land and water areas where human use requires adaptation of the natural environment.   Our primary concerns are the public health, safety and welfare, energy and resource conservation, and functional outdoor spaces.   Our past experience has enabled us to accomplish these concerns on the various projects we have been involved in.   Additionally, our extensive review of various local and state ordinances allows us to produce plans which are ‘permittable’ through the various agencies while being economically feasible.
Site Planning
EDK will provide exceptional service to its clients.  The firm’s realization of the required imaginative and thoughtful design solutions that are needed today has resulted in its obtaining the reputation of being a leader in site-sensitive design.  EDK will provide the innovative and unique services needed to insure planned growth yet retain the quality demanded for a working harmony between nature and the developed landscape.
EDK is dedicated to the continuing advancements being made in the field and is completely computer (Auto-Cadd) oriented.  This provides efficient design services as well as allowing integration and cooperation with other design professionals.  EDK has had extensive associations with other design professionals and can provide additional consulting services depending on the project scope.
Residential Landscape Design